Twitter Toolkits for iPad and Metrics

The folks over at have built for Twitter what the iTunes App Store is for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – a community reviewed directory of apps contributing to social media for a multitude of mediums (mobile, web, software apps, etc.). One of the more compelling features of are the toolkits, assembled by users and the oneforty team – that batch together apps to meet specific needs.

Our team has assembled a few, including for the iPad and for analyzing your Twitter account, such as grading your followers, building out stats – and of course archiving, managing and searching your social footprint (with

There are some additional interesting toolkits we have noticed – including:

There are many more – some specific to industries or specific social media roles. We would encourage you to check out the toolkits directory. While there – be sure to stop by our listing and let us know you use Arkovi – and if you are so inclined, write a review of our solution.

One thought on “Twitter Toolkits for iPad and Metrics

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