New Arkovi Search Tools Released

Arkovi delivers a platform that accommodates multiple needs including recordkeeping, content review and market analysis. We are thrilled to introduce new search features on Arkovi, providing expanded flexibility for interacting and managing your social media archive. Search is key as you build out an archive to leverage all of the benefits of this data – compliance review, monitoring and market intelligence.

The new search engine empowers you to determine if you need to review your entire archive or target specific platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or RSS) and how you seek to interact with the resulting data. Keywords and phrases and search operators are supported (and, or, not, +, etc.)

The search results can be reviewed and filtered on screen, providing results by search term, platform, data type (Tweet, direct message, mention, etc.) as well as a preview of the data. Icons for paging and sorting are available – as well as the ability to export the search results to Excel for external analysis. Any search results can be saved as a report on demand for ongoing use preserving the search options configured from the original search.

Any searches that are saved are found under the Reports menu and can be run on demand.

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