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The combination of archiving, compliance, monitoring and market intelligence in one consolidated platform makes for a compelling approach to leveraging social media in your organization. Arkovi’s approach to social media is to deliver a conduit to capturing your social media footprint while enabling unique groups with your business to find useful tools.

The ability to aggregate data across the web is powerful. Arkovi enables you to capture data from a multitude of sources via direct integration and our RSS interface – in a point and click environment. This can include:

  • blog searches
  • search engine searches
  • other web searches
  • social platforms like bookmarking and photo services (like Delicious and Flickr) and YouTube
  • custom Twitter searches by keyword, phrase and hashtags (i.e. #social)
  • and just about any platform or site that delivers an RSS of content, data or profile activity

This all in addition to our direct integration with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter through which you can analyze, monitor and supervise accounts you do own and/or manage. For example, through Arkovi’s link to Twitter, you can monitor any public Twitter accounts, and for any you directly control, can also monitor Direct Messages, Mentions and your Tweets ReTweeted.

For more information on our market intelligence capabilities – enjoy content from Arkovi’s YouTube channel.

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