CEO’s, Trust and Social Media (via Triplestop LLC)

Great piece by Joe Polidoro (@joepolidoro) on the Triplestop blog regarding the obstacles to social media and business. Polidoro uses an interesting contrast against a feature by NPR in late April that covered prison life and the trust a conservative warden put in a long term prisoner to edit the jail house press.

“Most C-level managers still won’t allow even their best employees to blog or tweet. Their reason: They don’t want to encourage negative comments about their companies.”

This is an ongoing discussion occurring at organizations of all sizes. With the use cases for addressing negative comments and feedback by firms like Comcast, Best Buy, Dell and others – it seems this should be a pretty clear point to settle.  However – the debate remains on how to manage the content, both good and bad.

We both thank Triplestop for the Arkovi mention in the piece, and suggest that this is a central point to the discussion around CEO fear of social media. If you are not on social media yet – FYI – there is already negative feedback, you just are not listening. Why not gather it, analyze it and respond.

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