Why Your Boss Hates Facebook – via @rww

Why Your Boss Hates Facebook from ReadWriteWeb…

“As it turns out, this sort of “time theft” may be no longer be your company’s top concern when it comes to social networking in the workplace. According to a new study from security firm Sophos, the real problem with social networks, and most of all Facebook, is the security risk they pose to organizations.”

We agree that the risk many businesses believe they have when opening access to social media is more one of data loss and security and not so much a “time waste” factor.

Our position on why companies need to be using social media centers around core operating centers of business.

  • Marketing – what we say to our customers and prospects
  • Discovery – what our customers are saying about us
  • Pipeline – testing & exploring new products and services
  • Staffing – recruiting and retaining ideal personnel
  • Technology – business aligned as a new communications platform

Relative to the new clouds of business intelligence a company can gather in these areas above – the upfront investment in dollars and resources is quite small.

To counter risks to data loss and security – companies can focus:

  • Educating and training staff on how social media works and how the company can leverage it
  • Establishing intelligent and reasonable policies that protect the company from security loss but also empower staff to leverage social media appropriately
  • Using a social media archiving tool that can aggregate and store your company’s social media footprint – providing backup, analysis and reporting tools.

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